WWE Smackdown was Bananas

WWE’s Smackdown debut show on Fox was absolutely Bananas! Why on Fight Bananas would we be writing about WWE Smackdown, because 2 legendary heavyweights from the Combat Sports World made a Impact on Smackdown. First was heavyweight boxing legend Tyson Fury jumping the guard rail to confront “The Monster Among Men” Braun Strowman. Braun is a 7 Foot 385 pound monster who was goating Tyson to step up! Tyson was stopped by 15 security officers and was escorted outside the building. Lastly, in the main event Brock Lesnar captured the WWE Championship be defeating Kofi Kingston in 7 seconds. When The ex UFC Champion Brock Lesnar was celebrating in the ring, a old rival debuted for the WWE, Cain Velasquez. Cain is one of the best UFC Heavyweights of all time and defeated Brock Lesnar at UFC 121 in 2010. Nobody could have predicted that two combat sports legends would show up on Friday night on Smackdown to creat chaos, the big question is what will happen next in the WWE Universe with Tyson Fury & Cain Velasquez.

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