Who should have the final word on illegal knees?

After two fights at UFC Rio Rancho coming to an end via illegal knees, a burning question came up this week on the Fight Bananas Podcast, who should have the final word on ending a fight via a illegal knee strike?

Brok Weaver won his UFC debut against Rodrigo Vargas when Vargas hit Weaver with a devastating illegal knee. The referee stop the fight immediately after the illegal knee and disqualified Vargas. After the fight Brok Weaver said “where he is from he lost” & “I wanted to continue to fight”.
On the same night in the co main event during the third round Michael Pereira hit Diego Sanchez with a illegal knee of his own. But, on this occasion the referee did not stop the fight immediately and was talking to Diego about is he ok to continue the contest. There has been chatter about Diego feeling he was losing the fight a made a veteran decision to take the win via disqualification.

David Van Auken discussed on the fight Bananas Podcast the idea of all future illegal knee decisions should go directly to the coach of the fighter that was hit. Professional fighter Jamie Driver loved the idea and said, “ That’s a great idea, your coach knows you better than you know yourself” Also UFC fighter Aalon Cruz came on the podcast and said “of course is fighters will always want to stay in the fight, maybe it’s a good idea. To take the decision away from us”.
The illegal knee disqualification is a rare verdict inside the octagon but, maybe we should take the decision away from the fighter and the referee and create a “Coaches Call” rule on all future illegal knees inside the UFC.

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