Weili vs Rose, Fight of the Year??

With UFC 261 days away, Dana White went on The Colin Cowherd Podcast to talk all things UFC.

In a bundle of different topics that Dana White & Colin Cowherd talked about, the humongous PPV of UFC 261 took center stage. When Colin Cowherd asked what one fight are you looking forward to the most, Dana replied “Weili vs Namajunas”. The excitement out of Dana White’s voice spoke volumes on what the MMA world should expect in the co main event at UFC 261. Dana White believes Weili verse Thug Rose should be “Fight of the Night” and has a chance to be “Fight of the Year”.

Lastly, Dana brought up on how big Zhang Weili is for the company. Dana White told Colin Cowherd “She brings a whole country with her”. Dana White was very high on the skill set and the market ability of the female strawweight champion Zhang Weili.

Saturday is filled him future hall of famers, title fights, heated rivalries, future contenders however when the boss Dana White gives his stamp on what he believes the fight of the night will be, You Must Listen! Zhang Weili (21-1) against Rose Namajunas (9-4) could be a battle of the ages and the winner walks out the best female strawweight in the world!

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