VIDEO-Conor McGregor confronts ‘snake’ T.J. Dillashaw face-to-face

On Wednseday, the UFC released a clip of Conor McGregor’s confrontation with Urijah Faber from the latest episode of The Ultimate Fighter.

“The Notorious” called Faber’s ex-teammate T.J. Dillashaw a “snake in the grass,” which eventually led to a scuffle between McGregor and members of Team Alpha Male (TAM).

At the time, Dillashaw was still partnered with the California-based team, but the reigning bantamweight champion recently announced his decision to leave the camp and join Duane Ludwig at Elevation Fight Team in Colorado.

Yesterday, the UFC followed up with another clip from TUF, showcasing the Irishman’s face-to-face showdown with T.J. Dillashaw.

“Ahh, there’s the little snake in the grass right there,” McGregor said when Dillashaw made his entrance. “Hey little boy, are you lost? Where’s your mammy little boy? I’d like to congratulate you and your coach, Duane. Great win man, well done. Urijah thinks Duane’s a snake though. What do you think of that?”

Dillashaw remained relatively quiet throughout the encounter, “different opinions, y’know,” he replied. Whilst supporting Ludwig, the former TUF finalist was also adamant in his loyalty to Urijah Faber: “I’m still here dude,” he added.

“Man up and recognize,”  McGregor said to Faber. ” That mother f****r has the belt. He f*****g sleeps with Duane, and what did I tell you? If he sleeps with him, he’s the enemy – that’s it.”

Dillashaw cited finance as the reason for leaving Alpha Male, but many still believe it was a result of Duane Ludwig’s feud with “The California Kid.”

Since the split, T.J. and Faber have told different sides of the story: Dillashaw says he’s been banned from visiting the team; Urijah claims he’s playing the victim.



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