Uncle Dana and the future of fighting!

With the dust clearing form a epic UFC 236 we have many topics to discuss.  One that has not got a lot of traction is Dana White saying that in two months , the UFC will be announcing some that will change fighting for ever. Now what could that be? Hmm, I wonder ? Well me and Fightbananas Chief writer David Van Auken have a fun theory that we discussed last night live on the Fightbananas Facebook page you can check out that convo and many more topics by visiting the page and clicking play!! 🙂

So what could this big news be?  Well here is our theory. With the UFC cementing a lucrative deal with ESPN for years to come and moving a massive amount of its content to ESPN+ app, this obviously puts the UFC’s Fight pass app in jeopardy of being useless or shutdown. But here is the kicker. What if the UFC is about to start a pipeline for talent. Using its UFC Fight pass to grab legit regional promotions around the country and give them air time on the app. This could provide to be a valuable tool in finding new talent and in building new talent.  To get more in-depth with this idea lets start with how this could work. Well by getting promotions such as Island Fights , LFA , Invicta, Cage Warriors and so on.  The UFC gives themselves a farm league in sense. This would be big for those smaller promotions and for the fighters on them.  With the UFC being a multi-billion dollar entity now, it can definitely take some of that moo-la and reinvest it into the future fighters of the sport.  So by adding these promotions to its umbrella, it can provide better production capabilities and better pay to the fighters. Hence giving a young talented fighters a better opportunity to chase their dreams.

Another way they could build this pipeline is by handing out more developmental contracts to fighters that are making strides through the amateur ranks and lower level pro-shows. These contracts would give more financial stability to these young aspiring fighters and let them focus on training , and staying healthy while still paying the bills.  These regional promotions would then put these developmental fighters on their shows for a certain number or fights ( IE. 4 to 6 pro-fights) and depending on their record, they could then be called up to the big show with a new contract to fight for the UFC.

Again this is just a fun speculation as to what Dana might be announcing in the up coming months , and don’t forget to check Fightbananas Daily for  update news and a unique perspective on everything combat sports.

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