UFC Unfiltered Episode: Amanda Nunes


Reigning UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion, Amanda Nunes joins Jim and Matt for a candid discussion about her upcoming title defense against Valentina Shevchenko.  Nunes, who will be attempting to successfully defend her title for the 3rd time talks about her preparation for this fight, what the last year has been like for her as a champion and how she plans to keep her success going.  Amanda also talks about the incident that happened when she faced off with Shevchenko at their press conference.

Full Episode:

Amanda Nunes is ready for Valentina Shevchenko.

What happened during their face-off?

What does she expect for Valentina this time around?

Valentina deserves this rematch.

On being a champion and a headliner.

On certain fighters saying no to opponents.

Amanda on having to prove herself and people recognizing her as a champion.


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