UFC Middleweight Division is Heating Up!!!


This past weekend we watched another title contender rise in the UFC’s 185lbs Middleweight division. His name is Jared Cannonior and he hits hard!!! Jared was ranked 9th before taking on Jack “the Joker” Hermansson Saturday Night in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Jared takes Jack momentum from him and adds it to his own.  Jack recently just beat Jacre Souza in a main event bout this past May and was looking to make a case for a title shot with a win over Cannonior.  This fight was very competitive and i good stylistic match-up. Each fighter was trying to implement their game plans. Both men had success in what they were trying to do. The Joker landed some take-downs and Cannonior got up and landed some shots.  Both men came in shape and ready to fight. Cannonior’s game plan just was executed first when he landed a nasty uppercut on a take-down attempt by Jack. This was the beginning of the end for the Joker.  Jared swarmed over Hermansson and landed heavy shots until the ref stopped the fight.  Jared the 9th ranked middleweight in the UFC just went across the pond and knocked off one of the toughest and top contenders in the division.  He is making waves and heating this middleweight division right up.

The UFC’s middleweight division maybe top heavy with contenders but boy oh boy are those contenders exciting to watch. These 185ers are all monsters with massive punching power and grit to no end. We are looking at a middleweight division that could be entertaining use for a years to come, especially if you like stand up wars.  Just think about all these potential match ups between the top fighters of middleweight.  Here’s a few I would like to see even if a title isn’t on the line.

Jared Cannonior vs Paula Costa

Yoel Romero vs Jared Cannonior

Paula Costa vs Israel Adesanya

Robert Whittaker vs Darren Till

Darren Till vs Israel Adesanya

Jared Cannonior vs Robert Whittaker

Just a few but boy are those some good ones.  I would definitely say there is fireworks written all over them.



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