Tyson Fury Critiques His Performance in Split Decision Win Against Francis Ngannou: ‘My timing was quite off’

Tyson Fury is thrilled with his win, yet he openly admits that beating Francis Ngannou was no easy feat, describing it as one of his most challenging bouts to date.

In a surprising turn of events, Francis Ngannou, who used to be a top fighter in the UFC, gave boxing champion Tyson Fury a tough time this past Saturday in Saudi Arabia. Many people thought Ngannou had no chance, but he knocked Fury down and almost won the match, which was decided by a really close call from the judges. Although he kept his championship title, Fury said he didn’t perform as well as he could have. This match has everyone talking and makes future fights between boxers and UFC fighters even more exciting to think about.

In a refreshingly candid post-match interview with Boxing King Media, Tyson Fury admitted, “I felt my timing was quite off. I’ve been out of the ring for nearly a year – a little bit of ring rust, but it was what it was. It was far from one of my best performances. It wasn’t a vintage Tyson Fury, but listen, you do what you have to do to get through and on to the next one.” This honest self-evaluation came on the heels of a closely fought match, stirring speculation that the heavyweight champ may have underestimated his UFC rival, Francis Ngannou. However, despite acknowledging his “ring rust,” Fury emphasized that he did what was necessary to move forward to his next challenge.

In a twist that caught many off guard, Ngannou floored Fury in the third round, keeping the momentum going with spirited exchanges in the subsequent rounds. Without a doubt, that punch stood out as the game-changing moment of the bout.

Fury argued that the hit landed on the back of his head, suggesting that it was the illegal placement rather than Ngannou’s brute force that made the impact significant.

Fury commented on the fight, saying, “He punches hard, but it was a bit like a hunk on the back of the head in that knockdown in Round 3. Apart from that, he didn’t really get me with much else.”

In the end, Fury made it clear that he wouldn’t take any credit away from Ngannou. He stated, “You can’t take anything away from Francis Ngannou. He’s a good fighter and gave me a good fight, and that was it.” “I trained very well. I prepared very well, and I don’t have any excuses or anything,” he added. “Some days you have good days, some days you don’t. You crack on, and you continue moving forward.”

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