The Return of the California Kid?

Mixed Martial Arts hall of famer Urijah Faber was once the face of the lighter divisions. He brought recognition to the lower weight classes during his epic run in the WEC. Which with other notable fighters such as Jose Aldo, Mike Brown and Dominick Cruz performing like monsters and garnering so many fans during this era, it gave the UFC no choice but to buy them out and make a place for the 135lb and 145lb divisions.  As we have seen over the past years this was a excellent move and these two weight classes have given us some of the most epic fights and rivalry’s the UFC has ever had.

Now retired and still in great shape and health the California Kid is thinking about returning and putting on another show for us.  No matter how you slice it Urijah Faber has always been a top tier fighter. He is extremely athletic and his gas tank goes for days if not years, so even with this lay off and not competing inside the octagon he should be to step back in and compete at the highest of levels. He started and runs the Alpha Male fight team, which continues to spit out killer after killer. So training and getting into fight shape again will be no problem for the Urijah.

So the question i propose is what weight class 135 or 145 , and who should he fight? I see a few fun names out there in either weight class. In the 135lb division such as John Dodson , John Lineker , Aljaman Sterling and even Sean O’Malley. These options are top level fighters that i think would peek the California kids interest and get him truly motivated to come back at 135lbs.  But there are some good ones at 145lbs such as Kron Gracie, Julio Arce, Alex Caceres , or even Cub Swanson.  Of course these are just few names that could be available for a match but there is definitely more choices out there.  If Urijah truly makes his return and comes out of retirement ,it should be a fun show to watch.

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