The Professor’s Lab Notes on UFC 239


Well that definitely didn’t suck !!!!

UFC 239 was everything any fight fan could ask for in a MMA fight card. It had intense battles, beautiful destructive violence and more fireworks the 4th of July!!!  So lets take a second or five and talk about some of the things we should all have learned this past Saturday night.


Luke Rockhold: He was once a dominating force in the MMA world who captured two middleweight world championships in two different promotions (The UFC and Strike Force). He was talked about being the next kingpin of the UFC’s middelweight division, but all of this seems to becoming to a violent ending. Luke use to be on the delivering end of the KO’s and finishes but as of late and even after a change in weight divisions he keeps getting knocked out in brutal fashion.  He has always had a swagger or cockiness to him in and out of the cage. But his chin is clearly faded and past its prime. I hope he hangs it up and moves on with his modeling career. Its fashion week time not fight week anymore.

Ben AskrenFunky Ben Askren came into Saturday night with a hype train about 10 years long and a 19-0 fighting record to back it up.  Well it came to a head on knee crashing end. With him being on the bad side of a new world record for fastest knockout inside the Octagon. You must give credit were credit is due Ben beat some incredible fighters in his MMA career. He captured two world titles in two major promotions. He deserved to be named among the best in welterweights in the world. But last night he was taught a valuable lesson. That this is still mixed martial arts and wrestling is only one aspect of this human chess match.  Hopefully he takes his stand up game more seriously now. Every fight starts on the feet and you need to feel comfortable there to be successful in this sport.

Jorge Masvidal: 3 piece and a soda as upgrade to the whole MGM Grande Buffet! Jorge became the worlds hottest athlete and world recorded holder all in the same night. Gamebred landed a knee that was louder then any firework heard all week across the country. I mean this knee would have killed all the aliens from the movie Independence Day. As far as what we learned from him on Saturday night was something we already knew. The dude can fight and we love to watch him. So Dana White you just found your next cash cow and he is as real as they come. So give us more JORGE “GAMEBRED” MASVIDAL!!!!!

Amanda Nunes: She is the greatest women’s fighter of all time period. And not only does she punch incredibly hard, she kicks really hard as well. Enough said.

Thiago Santos: We knew this man was military veteran and always brought the action when he fought in the Octagon. But we learned last night that he has the will of iron and is as tough and composed as they come. He gave the champ everything he could for all 5 rounds even though he suffered a bad knee injury early in the fight. My hat goes off to Thiago and may he have a speedy recovery and be back in the Octagon soon.

Jon Jones:  He is the GOAT. It’s not arguable anymore , it’s not debatable anymore. It is what it is. He is the greatest mixed martial artist of all time. He hurts people in there and he wins all of the time. Every opponent he comes across no matter what skill set they poses. He hurts them and then beats them. He either does this for five full rounds and gets a decision or he ends the night early. But everytime the other guy gets hurt and Jon wins. It’s that simple. He was built for this exact sport , he was made to do this , he is the greatest fighter on the planet. Oh if you thought we learned something new , my bad we didn’t. We already knew this. But every time he fights it’s easier to believe.

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