The Mindset of Greg Hardy

Look into the mindset of the former NFL player and current UFC Heavyweight fighter, Greg Hardy. His cerebral approach, focused mindset, mixed with his unbelievable athletic ability is how he catapulted up the ranks in MMA in such a short period of time. Combine that with terrific coaching under Billy Padden and the American Top Team coaching staff, we could be looking at the makings of a future UFC heavyweight champion.

1. Greg, what made you fall in love with MMA where you knew this is what you wanted to do full time? 

Greg HardyThe martial arts and the mixed martial artist would be one of the biggest reasons.  The way they compete and humbly Pursue victory through combat.   

2. How much as Billy Padden and ATT helped you grow as a fighter? 

Greg HardyATT, it’s Coach’s, and staff have played a significant part in the building of my skills as a fighter that competes on the highest level.  It is the best gym in the world. 

3. What are your thoughts on the landscape of the  heavyweight division, is this the best the heavyweight division has ever been? 

Greg HardyFrom an inexperienced, yet optimistic point of view the heavyweight division is going through a metamorphosis of sorts,  that will require the Next Heavyweight King to be More complete than any other heavy weight has ever had to be. So yes and its only getting better.

4. How did it feel to put the UFC gloves on for the first time?

Greg HardyThe UFC stage was one like none I have ever encountered.  It was amazing, electrifying, and nerve wrecking all at the same time.  Over all I would say that there was no better feeling than putting on those gloves and taking that walk.  

5. Going into your next fight, what can the fans expect to see?

Greg HardyMy next fight fans can hope to see a fighter that has come into his own and is ready for war.  They will see a evolved version of their prince of war coming for blood per usual.  

6. Finally, what is your end goal in MMA?

Greg HardyUFC Gold, and to be the great American Heavyweight the world deserves.

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