The Lion Heart is in Him!!!

Saturday Night In Stockholm, Sweden to light-heavy weight contenders Anthony “Lionheart” Smith and Alexander “The Mauler” Gustafsson clashed in a five round main event. Each of these men are coming off loses to the same man and champion Jon Jones. Anthony Smith being the most recent of the two men was able to make it all five rounds with the champ and didn’t elect to stop after a very illegal knee to his head while he was a down man. He took his time and was able to fight so he elected to fight on even though victory was almost certainly out of sight. This man should off his heart and will as a warrior to fight on. He did that once again on this particular night in Sweden against a top 3 fighter and future hall of famer in Gustafsson.  The night started out at a slow pace with both men trying to find there range with each other. Smith committed to some of the heavier shots while Alex played on the outside looking to pick and pop. Gustafsson seemed to start tiring out Anthony with his movement and a couple takedowns, He was also landing enough and making Smith miss with his more powerful shots. All this really zapped Anthony’s cardio and wore

him down. But something else plague Smith as well, he broke his hand during the fight and was still letting punches fly through the pain.

With all this happening and The Mauler sensing his fatigue and beginning to press and push the pace.  The Lionheart came out!! He battle back in that 4th round and scored a takedown and which lead to him taking the back off Alex. Smith locked in a body triangle and was able to flatten him out and land some heavy, heavy strikes. This lead to Alex exposing his neck and Anthony sinking in the rear naked choke for the tap and submission win.

We can definitively say that Anthony Smith does truly have a heart of a lion. He is still learning and growing and should be sticking around the top of the division for a few years to come. We look forward to watching his “Lionheart” on display whenever he fights!


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