The Last Style Bender Era?!?! A Real Life Anime!!!!


Welcome to the Real life Anime Series  “THE LAST STYLE BENDER ” presented by The Ultimate Fighting Championships.  This series hit blockbuster numbers over the last episodes and seems to be sky rocketing world wide.  The show brings excitement, originality, action, showmanship and some pretty slick dance moves.  This show is gonna be one wild ride but how long will it last and how long will it hold the ratings top spot. Only time will tell. Until then lets all sit back and enjoy the new era must watch TV.

OK!!! Enough of the fun stuff lets get back to the real subject.  Israel Adesanya is the new King of the middle weight division in the UFC. He defeated Robert Whittaker by KO in the second round of this weekends UFC main event. Whittaker was undefeated since moving to middle weight. He was considered to be one of the toughest most durable fighters in the octagon when fighting. He survived and won two 5 round main events with Yoel Romero.  He was rocked and hurt and still with stood the storm and came out on top.  But that wasn’t the case this past Saturday night New Zealand. When Adesanya ascended on to the Octagon, you knew there was a different about him and what he was feeling. From his incredible walkout, to his demeanor  while being announced by Bruce Buffer. Something was just different in the air. It seemed to mimic a suspenseful build up like in a anime series right before the big fight is about to happen.  You knew something amazing was about to go down you just weren’t sure when it would occur.

Now in MMA anything can happen the greats can fall at anytime and the underdog can be crowned king with one punch.  It’s definitely not given on any Saturday night. That’s what makes this sport so great and makes the highs and lows so much bigger then other sports.  With all that being said some fighters are just that great during their careers. Khabib 28-0 is one and the GOAT Jon Jones is another. These men have not lost inside the UFC cage or any cage /ring for that matter.  Adesanya could be the next undefeated game changer in MMA. His style is truly exciting and his showmanship rivals that of the greats already.

Israel’s already one of the best strikers in the world , he came from a international kickboxing pedigree over to MMA and has begun to implement that superior talent in his UFC fights. He has also shown us he has some take down defense and can keep the fight standing were he has the advantage. If he can continue to grow his game in the wrestling and grappling department we may see another middle weight kingpin rise to the likes of Anderson Silva or even greater.

No matter how long this series “THE LAST STYLE BENDER” runs for, it’s sure to be entertaining and action packed. So if I were you I wouldn’t miss an episode.


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