The Face of a MMA Scoreboard

Mike Perry and Vicente Luque went to war Saturday night in Uruguay. In the co main event these two welterweight warriors had the fight of the night. Both Perry & Luque thought they did enough to get his hand raised and move up the welterweight rankings. After the back and forth striking contest the judges came up with a split decision with Vicente Luque winning the fight. (cue the outrage) The MMA community right away disagreed with the verdict and went to social media to display there unhappiness. But, nothing will change, we need to make a change for the warriors inside the octagon. The change is easy and at Fight Bananas we have discussed it many times with fighters, coaches and trainers the UFC needs a SCOREBOARD! After each round the judges verdict will be displayed on the big screen for the fighters and coaches to see the outcome of each round. These fighters deserve the right to know how the fight is being scored and know what they have to do in round 3. The MMA world needs it more than ever, we need a Scoreboard.

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