The Corona Pandemic on the 2020 MMA Landscape

SuckerPunch Agent David Arvelo came on the Fight Bananas Podcast and brought a lot of truth about the upcoming Mix Martial Arts Landscape.

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First of all, the three major American organizations UFC, PFL and Bellator MMA have not had a live event for over 30 days. We are hopeful that Dana White has May 9th in order but, we have seen a Ferguson vs Gaethje headliner be canceled before. The Mix Martial Arts Community is fascinated with the “Fight Island” idea however, we will we see if it can come to fruition. Bellator MMA has been shut down for the months of April and will be for May. Bellator hopes to get back in the fight business in the summer. Lastly of the three is the Professional Fight League, with 2 successful years under there belt the third season is in major jeopardy. The PFL has had a season like format with major tournaments to crown there champion. However with already being behind schedule and not a start date in mind, can the 2020 PFL year be canceled?

The David Arvelo Fight Bananas Podcast is available on all podcast platforms & YouTube. One of the major talking points of the podcast was David’s valid points on how the MMA Regional Scene could be in serious trouble. David Arvelo brought up great points on money factors, fighters not training, gyms being closed, sponsorship concerns and so much more. The regional scene which is the bloodline for major mix martial art organizations could be in extreme danger if the Corona Pandemic keeps the American people inside for the seeable future.


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