The 4 biggest Promotions in MMA history all competing in one night!!

On December 12th exclusively on UFC Fight Pass is a once in a lifetime event. This legendary event is a Quintet Team Grappling Series with four teams in a elimination match format. Wait for the punch line, the four teams with 5 members on each team will be: Team UFC, Team Strikeforce, Team WEC and Team Pride FC.

This is will be the first time ever that the brands UFC, WEC, Pride FC & Strikeforce will be on the same event fighting for supremacy. The Quintet Team Grappling Series will be on 2 nights before the highly anticipated UFC 245 and will also be taking place at the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

Some of the greatest fighters from present & past have already signed on for this event and we’re told more to be announced soon. Don’t miss out on this epic event December 12th on UFC Fight Pass, stay with Fight Bananas for more details.

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