Din Thomas building up the Firm

Din Thomas, little over a month ago made a bold decision and left American Top Team to start his MMA Manifesto. Din Thomas is a pioneer in the sport of mixed martial arts and has been passing his knowledge for over 20 years. Din Thomas was on the Fight Bananas Podcast over a month ago […]

Fight Bananas Podcast 188 – Din Thomas

**Breaking News** with Din Thomas Din Thomas comes on the Fight Bananas with huge news, Din Thomas is leaving American Top Team and is starting MMA Manifesto by Din Thomas. We talk about his Jerry Maguire moment, How UFC 249 has to happen, The Corona Effect on the MMA landscape and we talk about the […]

Fight Bananas Podcast 129 – UFC Pioneer Din Thomas

The 2019 Year in Review Show with special guest Din Thomas. Din Thomas & Dave Van Auken talk about the highlights of the 2019 MMA Year, Fighter of the Year, big stories of 2019, the black eye of the mma year and what can we expect in 2020. What a Bananas why to end the […]

Din Thomas =‘s Respect

Din Thomas a trailblazer in the sport of mix martial arts has been fighting, training, teaching, talking, loving and commenting on it for over 20 years. Din Thomas is a commentator for Island Fights which you can watch on UFC Fight Pass. Thursday night at Island Fights 60, Din Thomas stepped in the ring  to interview […]

Fight Bananas Podcast 31 – Gillian “Savage” Robertson

10 Days till UFC 240 and Gillian “Savage” Robertson comes on the Fight Bananas Podcast before she flies off to Canada. Gillian talks about your upcoming fight, American Top Team, BJJ SuperFights and so much more! Follow Gillian Robertson on Instagram @savage_ufc Follow Host David Van Auken on Instagram @davidvanauken Apple Podcast Link ???? https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/fight-bananas/id1469850723?i=1000444709943 […]