The Fight Bananas Podcast 169 – UFC’s Aalon Cruz

Aalon Cruz comes back on the Fight Bananas Podcast to chat up about his first fight week for the UFC. Aalon makes his debut at UFC Norfolk on ESPN+ We also talk about our illegal knee theory, Fight Bananas Scoreboard, UFC featherweights, Fight Camp and so much more! IHeart Radio Link:—fight-bananas-169-58180942?cmp=ios_share&sc=ios_social_share&pr=false Subscribe to the Fight […]

Who should have the final word on illegal knees?

After two fights at UFC Rio Rancho coming to an end via illegal knees, a burning question came up this week on the Fight Bananas Podcast, who should have the final word on ending a fight via a illegal knee strike? Brok Weaver won his UFC debut against Rodrigo Vargas when Vargas hit Weaver with […]