Strickland to Du Plessis: ‘Mention my Traumatic Past again, and I will F*cking Stab You’

UFC Middleweight Champion Sean Strickland issues stern warning to Dricus Du Plessis ahead of UFC 297

As the highly anticipated UFC 297 approaches, reigning middleweight champion Sean Strickland (28-5 MMA, 15-5 UFC) has made it abundantly clear that he will not tolerate any revisiting of his traumatic childhood by his challenger, Dricus Du Plessis (20-2 MMA, 4-0 UFC). The two warriors are set to clash in the main event this Saturday at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto.


The tension between Strickland and Du Plessis escalated during the UFC 2024 Season Press Conference when Du Plessis raised the issue of Strickland’s troubled upbringing. In a fiery exchange, Du Plessis challenged Strickland’s emotional state, suggesting that he could bring back painful childhood memories during their fight.


“Bro, why are you so angry?” Du Plessis confronted Strickland last month. “You think your dad beat the sh*t out of you? Your dad doesn’t have sh*t on me. I’m going to show you what it’s like to beat you. Every childhood memory you have is going to come back when I’m in there with you – every single one. The one where you lie in bed at night, and your dad comes in, and he beats the sh*t out of you.”


These provocative comments triggered Strickland and led to a brawl between the two fighters at T-Mobile Arena during the buildup to UFC 296. Strickland, who openly displayed his emotions when discussing his troubled past in a recent interview with Theo Von, is adamant about not allowing Du Plessis to cross that line again.


“I actually sent him a message,” Strickland revealed on his YouTube channel. “Dude, listen, Dricus: We’re going to try to murder each other, but if you bring that sh*t up again, I will f*cking stab you. Press conference, weigh-in. He was cool about it.’ he added.


“I’m not telling you I don’t want to fight you, Dricus. I’m not saying you’re not a good fighter. I’m just saying that’s a line that, when crossed, it transcends fighting. If I go to Canada and you bring that up, guess what? I’m going to go to jail, they’re going to deport me, and we spent eight weeks training for no f*cking reason.” Strickland continues.


The animosity and intensity between these fighters have set the stage for a must-see showdown at UFC 297, where both will undoubtedly leave it all inside the Octagon.

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