So Long, APEX

So Long, Apex

After hosting many of the most recent UFC events at the Apex in Las Vegas, Dana White is ready to take the show back on the road. During the UFC 260 post conference, White says, “It is the right thing to do.”

When asked if any more Pay-Per-View events will happen at the Apex, Dana White responded, “I hope not.” While he acknowledged that being able to host events at the Apex felt like working home for the time being, “which was awesome,” it has become, “the easy, lazy way.”

It will be an adjustment for the UFC to travel again bringing the shows to different arenas, but they are ready. The next two Pay-Per-View events are scheduled for Jacksonville, FL and Houston, TX. The UFC adapted this past year and found ways to continue airing events with the Apex being integral to that transition. However, the fans are ready to see them LIVE again, and after Dana White’s interview last night, he would agree.

It will be fascinating to see how these first two LIVE events go between the fans and the fighters, but one thing is for sure, so long, Apex!


Article written by Susan Elizabeth

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