Roy Nelson not overjoyed with new drug testing measures

Roy Nelson will step into the octagon for the 15th this time when he faces off with Josh Barnett this weekend, and he has been pretty talkative for his entire tenure. It’s pretty clear that UFC president Dana White isn’t Nelson’s biggest fan, largely because of his outspoken nature. And when the subject of the new drug testing measures came up in an interview with Fox Sports, Nelson was his usual blunt self.

Surprisingly though, the longtime advocate for more enhanced testing isn’t impressed with the changes thus far:

“On the testing thing with PED’s, I think we are still in the same spot as we were before. We’re talking about it more but I think we’re in the same boat as we were before. I think it’s like the war on drugs, but they’re still being flown in.”

“For me it doesn’t matter. I’m not in the drug-testing business and I’m not an employee so I’m not worried about what guys are doing anyways. You can do cocaine and still be OK. Jon Jones did that before.

“You could be like ‘I have an exemption and a doctor’s note that says it’s OK’ and as long as you put that out there it’s OK. As long as you put it out there like ‘Hey, I’m taking this because the doc says it’s cool,’ you can still take it and pass the USADA test, so it’s still cool.”

Another surprising thing is Nelson’s reluctance to go after Barnett for his drug test failures in the past. When the bout was announced Nelson quickly sent a zinger in Barnett’s direction, which earned a response from The Warmaster. Since then? Nothing. Not even in this interview:

“You just kind of go with the flow. Drugs are bad. That’s what I’m going with now. That’s what they say to say now, so that’s what I’m going with. Before it was ‘drugs, just don’t talk about them’ so I’m just going with the flow.

“I’ve gone in fights where I know the guy is on stuff so it doesn’t really matter anyways. It’s just one of those things. As long as the fans know what kind of a person this is, that’s all that matters.”

I’m not sure why he’s holding back, but I’m sure he has his reasons. Nelson and Barnett will headline UFC Fight Night 75 in Japan on Saturday.


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