Rosa is Boston Strong

After being out of the octagon for over two and half years, Charles Rosa took over the TD Garden Friday Night. With multiple injuries over the past couple of years, Charles Rosa has been clawing for the opportunity to get back inside the octagon to do what he loves. When the UFC announced they were heading to Boston, Rosa set his sight on a comeback fight in his backyard. When Charles Rosa walked out towards the octagon for his fight against Manny Bermudez the crowd popped liked Tom Brady threw a touchdown to Gronk! Charles Rosa captured Manny’s arm half way through the first round and submitted him to achieve his 12th professional win and his 3rd under the UFC Banner. The TD Garden is officially the house of Charles Rosa, 3 wins in one of the nations trademark arenas. If you are Rosa you hope the UFC comes back to the TD Garden in the spring of 2020 so, he can continue his streak!

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