Report| What the future holds for the UFC Flyweight Division

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The future of the flyweight division has been highly debated since the departure of former flyweight champion, Demetrious Johnson. There were rumors that if TJ Dillashaw defeated Henry Cejudo that the whole weight class may get erased. However, Cejudo shocked the world for a second time, but this time ending in a quick first round TKO and what seemed like the win to secure the flyweight division’s future.

In a recent report from the Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show, Ariel Helwani reported what the future may hold for the flyweight division, “[I’m] starting to hear that a lot of fighters are being told essentially this… If you’re coming off a loss at 125, there’s a very good chance that there isn’t a home for you [in the UFC]. If you’re coming off a win, you have the option to go up to 135 or you can fight things out at 125… Essentially until you lose. But it does seem as slowly but surely they are going to start phasing out the division.”

With recent flyweights being cut by the UFC this scenario does not seem far fetched but it does still leave questions. Cejudo seemed intrigued in moving up himself and challenging TJ Dillashaw for his bantamweight belt and earning the “Champ Champ” title. But there are also legitimate contenders for Cejudo to face still in the flyweight division such as, Joseph Benavidez. So if you’re Cejudo and you’re in the era of super fights, do you chase the second belt or do you stay to keep your weight class alive as long as you can?

It will certainly be intriguing to see what fighters decide to move up to bantamweight who may actually flourish and blossom by the move, and the fighters that decide to stay and fight until they reach their ultimate goal, a shot at the belt.

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