Patriotic Fighters

On Memorial Day, I was thinking about two things our great country of America & mix martial arts. I was thinking about all of the great patriotic fighters we have had in the UFC. The UFC is the ultimate global sport but, we have been lucky enough to have some of the best talent come out of America. I wondered who do you think of when you think of mix martial arts in America. So, I am going to give you my Mount Rushmore of patriotic MMA fighters.

First, you have to start with Captain America himself Randy Couture. Randy was one of the pioneers of the sport with early iconic moments in the UFC. Randy Couture open the door for the next three mix martial artists.

The next name to make my list is Chris Weidman. Chris Weidman really used his American roots with his legendary fights against the Brazilian Anderson Silva. The All American Chris Weidman with his look, gritty fighting style and walkout song breeds USA.

Another patriotic fighter to me is Justin Gaethje. The Highlight Justin Gaethje has a Rocky Balboa feel to him. He uses his god giving knockout power, remarkable chin and uncanny way to always be in the fight of the night to capture the hearts of American people!

Last but certainly not least, is Brian Stann. Brian a veteran of the U.S. Marines is a real American hero! Brian was an unbelievable middleweight fighter who never backed down from anyone. But, maybe more important than any of his fights, he is the president & CEO of Hire Heroes USA which is a organization that’s helps US veterans get back into the workplace. These four men are unquestionably patriotic and also can beat someones Ass!

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