Pacquiao, Horn make weight for title fight


Jeff Horn has flicked the switch into fight mode after making weight for Sunday’s ‘Battle of Brisbane’.

The former schoolteacher tipped the scales at 66.3kg at Saturday morning’s weigh-in while his opponent, the legendary Manny Pacquiao, clocked in at 66.1kg in front of a big contingent of local and international media.

Horn declared himself ready to go as the countdown continues to the biggest moment of his life.

“Game face is on. School’s out,” he told reporters.

“I’ve just been in the weight-making mode previously, I’m nice and relaxed.

“I’ll probably still maintain my relaxed state until fight day but really looking forward to getting out there tomorrow and getting the job done.”

Chris Hyde/Getty Images

Pacquiao made a speedy exit after the weigh-in and did not make any comments, either on stage or to the media afterwards.

Horn will look to pack the weight back on with food and fluids over the next 24 hours and could weight as much as 71kg by the time the fight begins around 1.30pm AEST on Sunday, giving him a sizeable weight advantage over Pacquiao.

“It’s never easy, I suppose, to lose that much weight,” Horn said.

“I’m going to feel a lot better very soon.

“I’ve got to go eat as soon as I finish with you guys (media), keep drinking, keep up with the fluids all day, all night.

“I might play a game of poker with the coach and some family.

“A good sleep, wake up tomorrow and go to the fight.

“I keep going over this 10-point plan that Glenn’s done up for me.

“I just keep that in my mind, what I’m going to have to do in the ring, which will upset Manny.”

Trainer Glenn Rushton said Horn looked superb in his final training session on Friday evening.

“He was brilliant, he was just like I want him to be; he was toey, he was just electric,” Rushton said.

“I know when he’s hitting the pads there’s just extra pop there in his punches.

“I just felt the hunger. That’s what I look for.

“It was certainly there last night and I just get those goosebumps where you go ‘hey, we’re ready’.”

A crowd in excess of 50,000 is expected at Suncorp Stadium in what is being described as the biggest fight in Australian boxing history.


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