Notoriously Necessary

Today in Las Vegas, new betting odds on who Jorge Masvidal’s next fight will be and the UFC Universe was shocked to see the name the “Notorious” Conor McGregor. Jorge Masvidal is the hottest star in the UFC right now. Jorge’s fighting style and his real talk to the media has him as a combat sports legend. Jorge Gamebred Masvidal had the moment of the year so far for the UFC with his five second knockout of the “Funky” Ben Askren. On the flip side three years ago, the hottest fighter in the UFC was Conor McGregor. Conor was a two weight class champion and was putting on some of the best performances the octagon has ever seen. The Notorious one was beyond impressive in the octagon but, his most crucial skill was his trash talk. Conor was able to talk himself into any fight with his clever sermons. The UFC has been gifted the perfect storm with a possibility of Pay Per View Gold with Jorge Masvidal vs Conor McGregor.

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