MMA Scoreboard

Written by: Edward Martinez 

“I will let him gas out and then impose my will and power…” some athletes admit by giving their fight to the judges and ultimately their opponent. If “we” wait for the opponent to lose gas in their tank we are giving the opponent an advantage as the fight right over to the judges. I get it, last fight your opponent showed up with diesel fuel and you may have trained for that however they may have just upgraded to an electric hybrid making you wish you had a battery backup. I wish, along with I’m sure countless numbers of fans, to know if this decision to wait to implement “the game plan” is then based on the training camp or individual once in the ring. In the future, I agree with those calling out for an MMA Scoreboard ringside. The fighters and their coaches should be able to see how the scores are coming from the judges. It would be ideal to have judges, and even referees, trained in MMA techniques or at least enlisted in a few classes to be up to speed. MMA is a constantly evolving sport and we need to keep up with the progression. But, for now, we need to take the fights into our own hands. To all the fighters out there, of course, try not to leave it in the hands of the judges. Waiting to implement your game too long, sometimes not only affects the match but also the fans and community. Overall we hate to see a late push that leads to a loss from the judges than go for a win and get knocked out. Either way, you lose.

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