Mike “BeastBoy” Davis with an Epic Performance at UFC Tampa

Mike “BeastBoy” Davis was supposed to fight in a featherweight bout at UFC Copenhagen a few weeks back. Due to his opponent pulling out, Mike Davis had to wait for his UFC featherweight debut. Earlier this week, we had the inside scoop that Mike might get a crazy offer to fight a tough lightweight in a 4 days notice fight! When you have the best management & coaches in the MMA game, you take it. Mike Davis is one of the hottest featherweight prospects in the UFC and still hasn’t shown what he can do at 145. Beast Boy’s power, speed and precision at 145 is going to be a major problem for his future opponents. Mike Davis’s performance at UFC Tampa is one of the most impressive we have seen in a long time and is straight up bananas. The UFC universe finally saw why he is called Beast Boy.

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