Michael Bisping Assaulted in New Orleans: UFC Commentator Laughs Incident Off

(Image Courtesy of UFC/ Zuffa)
“The Count” Michael Bisping made a career of antagonizing opponents, and it appears the now-retired, former UFC middleweight champion hasn’t lost his touch. Whilst filming in New Orleans on Saturday, a local resident took exception to Bisping ‘filming in a public place’ and punched the Brit in the face.
Bisping, who had been eating with family at Brennan’s Restaurant, saw the funny side at least. The former middleweight champion took to Twitter to inform fans of the attack:
“He punched me, was literally so soft I laughed at him.”
These days, the new, relaxed, jovial Bisping sits behind the UFC commentator’s desk. He is more akin to trading verbal jabs with Dominick Cruz than he is KOing anyone. Certainly, the Englishman is a far cry from the antagonistic, cocky twenty-something who was introduced to us all to on the Ultimate Fighter Season 3 – that’s for sure!

A Lucky Escape for Michael Bisping…’s Assailant

Love or hate “The Count,” the New Orleans resident who planted the mosquito kiss on the Brit’s chops is certainly a lucky dude. If the assailant had pulled that stunt 5 years earlier, especially in front of the Brit’s family… well, goodnight sweetheart, let’s just put it like that.

Bisping continued to mock his attacker on social media:

“I was just assaulted guy got in my face for filming on a public street. I told him to go away and he punched me was literally so soft I laughed at him, So funny that someone that acts so tough hits like such a bitch, I laughed and walked away. Man I’m mature these days”

Punching a man, and having that same man stand firm and laugh at you, is the stuff of nightmares. You know the bad dream, I mean – the one where you’re trying to fight someone, but your arms feel like they’re dragging through water en route to your target.

It must have been fun viewing for anyone who witnessed it, especially those in the audience who actually know who Bisping is since it seems likely that his attacker had no idea.

Possible Suspects in Assault…

We’ve got a couple of suspects in mind over here at FB. It could have been a disguised Luke Rockhold on a revenge mission. The Santa Cruz-native hasn’t been the same since he lost his middleweight belt to Bisping at UFC 199.

Or, it could have been a mad-loyal Dustin Poirier fan that hit Bisping. Perhaps one who failed to realize that it’s Northern Ireland, and not the Republic of Ireland, that makes up part of Bisping’s home country, the United Kingdom.

Poirier’s next opponent Conor McGregor of course hails from the Republic.



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