Michael “Beast Boy” Davis | The future of MMA


Michael “Beast Boy” Davis training out of Pete White Boxing and MMA, stole the show as the main event at Island Fights 54 on UFC Fight Pass. Davis who is known for his unbelievable striking ability, won by an incredible submission over Carlos Guerra. Since Davis has fought on Dana White’s UFC Contender Series, he has notched a brutal KO and submission win. So what is next for him?

The UFC seems to be the only place left for a guy of Davis’s talent. Davis is able to fight at both the featherweight and lightweight divisions. With his fighting style and aggressiveness, there are endless of opportunities and match ups for Davis. What makes Davis so unique is his ability to evolve. Davis has a Jon Jones like quality to him where he is comfortable wherever the fight may go. These traits are all shared by some of the greats that have competed in this sport. So when looking at the top young prospects in the fight game, Michael Davis has to be on the top of the list. The constant evolution of the sport has made the product better than it’s ever been, and we could be looking at the new wave of MMA fighters as Michael “Beast Boy” Davis as the face of it.

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