Luque wants to Finish Fights!

“Let’s Go Finish That Fight!”

Vicente Luque won the co-main event versus the legendary, Tyron Woodley in a first round submission at UFC 260 in the welterweight division. He also won a bonus for Fight of the Night.

When asked in the post conference if he was dazed at all during the fight, Luque admitted, “[Woodley] connected a little bit behind my ear with a strong right hand… I’m used to getting hit and being able to survive, but for a little bit I lost a little bit of my balance and I kind of saw two or three of him.”

After using counter attacks of skill and striking against Woodley, with a clean hit, Luque used that momentum which led to a victory. When asked what Luque’s mindset was after recognizing Woodley stumbling around whether he fought cautiously or went for the finish, Luque responded, “Let’s go finish that fight.”

The mindset of throwing caution to the wind and determination of a finish may be the reason Vicente Luque has become a “Fan Favorite.” Well, that and winning nine out of ten fights in the UFC. With an impressive record, Luque should have some main event fights ahead of him. May be Luque’s next challenger could be his callout from last night, the world renown, Nate Diaz!

Article written by Susan Elizabeth

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