Hector Lombard Tries Baiting Tyron Woodley & Jake Paul over to BKFC

Lombard was recently crowned the Bare Knuckle cruiserweight champion… all be it in strange circumstances – after grabbing onto his opponent Joe Riggs’ shorts and being called for a foul, Lombard sat Riggs down with a punch that grazed the challenger’s eye. The ref deliberated for a moment, decided it was all legal, and Lombard took the strap.

The funny part is that the fight finale wasn’t even the craziest part! Moments later, Lorenzo Hunt entered the foray of post-fight celebrations, got into Lombard’s face, and Hunt ended up getting punched, too.

Suffice to say, the kind of raw, unhinged madness that goes on over in BKFC might be a little too much for Jake Paul, who is all set to duke it out with Tyron Woodley on August 28.

Lombard doesn’t care an inch, though – the Cuban seems like he’d happy to slap either man.

What did Hector Lombard say about Tyron Woodley?

(Image captured via Hector Lombard IG)

Lombard and Woodley used to train at the same gym. But the truth is that the relationship has always been strained.

In 2014, a reporter asked the Cuban if he and Woodley were friends, Lombard responded:

We’re not friends. He just comes to use the gym. He doesn’t even live here. It’s not a difficult decision at all.”

“Training partners are the ones that train with you full-time, all year-round. They help you on other fights, fights that you have with someone else. That’s a training partner. A training partner is a person that lives in your camp.

“Like Robbie (Lawler), he moved all his family, his wife, everyone, and now he lives here. If you live in Mississippi or whatever and you just come when your training comes and use the trainers and the trainers help you to go for your stuff, and you leave, I don’t know.”

“I’ll be more than ready, and I’ll say again: We ain’t friends.”

The spat continued. Woodley gave Lombard the nickname, ‘Mr. Injured.’ Lombard ended up calling Woodley a ‘lying piece of sxxx.’ And on it went…

The relationship has always been frosty at best – let’s just put it like that.

Now, in a recent IG post, Lombard has reignited his feud with the former UFC welterweight champion, writing:

“Crazy how life works
Awhile ago this guy refused to fight me
He made all kind of excuses
That we where team mates etc
The fact that he never told the press is…why I really wanted to fight him
He told the press the dirty move that he pulled on me
It time to Barenucke up
@davidfeldman1 @bareknucklefc give me that Fukien boi.”

Woodley is yet to respond to the comments. But it will be interesting viewing when he does choose to.

Plus, for a neutral fight fan such as myself, the idea of these two men slinging hooks over in BKFC is legit thrilling.

Watch this space…

What did Hector Lombard say about Jake Paul?

(Image courtesy of Explica)

Tough as it might be for some, there are others who have put a tiny bit of respect on Jake Paul’s name now – he did KO former Bellator and One welterweight champion Ben Askren, after all.

But Lombard isn’t a member of the latter category, that’s for sure. The former Bellator champion has been calling out the You-Tuber-come-fighter in recent days:

“We do it at bareknucklefc or we do it in a boxing match Jake Paul?

I know you wanna make it happen the question is where do you want to do it??

I know you want to do it in a boxing match.. but do you have the balls to do it at BareknuckleFC???”

For his own safety, let’s just cross our fingers that Paul doesn’t rise to the bait here…

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