LIve Updates : PFL 1 season 2 on ESPN2.


Welterweight match : David Michaud vs Sadibou Sy

Round 1: Wow in 17 seconds Sadibou Sy gets his range and lands a viscous body kick with the lead left leg off Michaud lead right hand. Drops Michaud and finishes him off with some light ground and pound. First fight of the main card is a quick finish to earn Sadiidbou Sy 6 points to take the lead in the welterweight division.


Womens Lightweight Division:   Sarah Kaufman vs Morgan Frier

Round 1: Kaufman and Frier engage quickly each landing and taking shots. They clinch up after a blitz barrage by Kaufman. After some pummeling and Greco roman wrestling Sarah takes Morgan down with trip and body lock. Morgan fights Sarah off early but Sarah scores half guard and progresses to mount quite easily. Morgan gives up the head arm triangle while trying to escape from being mounted. The vet that Kaufman is waits out the struggle and incorrect defense and scores the tap out in the first round for 6 points and the lead in the women’s lightweight division.


Welterweight Match: Ray Cooper III vs Zane Kamaka

Round 1:  Ray Cooper lands a early take down and controls Kamaka for the enitre first round scoring a convincing 10- 9 round with heavy pressure  top and landing big strikes from the top through out.

Round 2 : Much of the same from the first but the time on the bottom seems to be wearing on Zane. Ray is landing pot shots from the top and i solid blow here and there. Kamaka scrabbles around and gives up the mount in the process. Zane decides to burst out of it with what seems to be his last bit of energy. He gets countered and gives up a rear naked choke to Cooper who explodes at the opportunity for the finish and gets him to tap quickly. Ray Cooper III gets the second round finish by submission and earns 5 points in the welter weight division.

Welterweight Match:  Magomed Magomedkerimov vs John Howard

Round 1:  Howard and Magomed meet in the center and exchange faints and movements to find range. Magomed lands a hard jab that gets John’s attention. John decides to attack the lead leg of Magomed and lands a hard one. He begins to engage with strikes and gets caught off guard with a quick take down by Magomed.  This being Magomed’s world he controls Howard for the next four minutes not landing anything big or any shots really at all. With about 30 seconds left Howard scrambles and Magomed lands the first significant strike off the fight. It hurts Howard and he begins to go into survival mode. Magomed in the series sinks in a guillotine choked and gets Howard to tap with 6 seconds left on the clock int the first round. Magomed Magomedkerimov scores 6 points in the welterweight division.


Women’s Lightweight Division: Kayla Harrison vs Larissa Pacheco

Round 1: Kayla and Larissa meet in the middle gauging range and seeing who will give away the first tell. They engage and each land some strikes. The clinch up after a high kick attempt by Kayla.  We get to see Kayla’s top game for the rest of the round with some decent ground and pound but nothing game changing.  She finishes out the round taking Larissa’s back and tries a rear naked choke but doesn’t get the tap.

Round 2:  Kayla begins to comes across right at the bell getting ready to engage quickly trying to push the pace on Pacheco. Pacheco keeps range for the moment until Kayla shoots for a low single leg but gets caught in a scramble and Pacheco takes her back and jumps to a body triangle quickly. Harrison defends all attempts and the rear naked and from any significant strikes. She ends up being able to turn into Pacheco’s guard. From here Kayla takes over and begins to break down Larrisa more and more getting out off any attacks from the bottom. She rides out the second round on top and delivers punishment whenever available.

Round 3:  More of the same even though this fight starts on the feet Pacheco cant really get anything going for her there. Kayla works for another final take down that leads to another dominate round from the top position. Kayla Harrison earns the unanimous decision and 3 points in the lightweight division. She also improves her record to 4-0.

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