Kharma is a Mirror

After securing the win in the main event at UFC 264, Dustin Poirier told Joe Rogan “Kharma is not a bitch, she’s a mirror”.

UFC 264 was headlined by a heated trilogy fight between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor. They fought seven years ago at UFC 178 and on that night the Notorious Conor McGregor was victorious. Dustin Poirier has been on record that Conor’s trash talk got him off his game and fought strictly on emotion.

The rematch was booked earlier this year at UFC 257 which looked like both men evolved not just as fighters, as men. Going into the rematch Conor McGregor’s demeanor was a complete 180 from there first fight, respectful and appreciative. In the desert, the Diamond Dustin Poirier captured a second round KO of Conor McGregor to set the stage for an iconic trilogy fight.

Going into UFC 264, it seemed the brass, aggressive and “old school” Conor McGregor was back. Conor tried to use trash talk and aggressive antics to get to Dustin Poirier’s mental state. However, Dustin never backed down or changed his game plan as he entered the sold out T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas he looked ready to show the world that Diamonds Last Forever.

During the Uber hectic and roller coaster first round during, Dustin Poirier said at the UFC 264  post fight press conference “I feel I checked his kick that led to him fracturing his leg.” Dustin Poirier defeated Conor McGregor in the trilogy fight and is now off to fight Charles Oliveira for the UFC’s Lightweight Championship. Dustin couldn’t be more clear after the fight about how Conor should not say some of the things says and should not act like a dirtbag. The Diamond believes Kharma is not a bitch, she’s a mirror!

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