Jim Miller Clinches January 2024’s Submission of the Month with Remarkable Victory over Gabriel Benitez

Jim Miller Clinches January 2024's Submission of the Month with Remarkable Victory over Gabriel Benitez

As another thrilling month of MMA action concludes, Fight Bananas presents the top submissions from January 2024. Here are the five nominees, listed in chronological order, and the winner of Fight Banana’s Submission of the Month award for January.


Nominee #1: Ewelina Wozniak’s Victory Over Aleksandra Toncheva at KSW 90

Ewelina Wozniak (8-2) continued to showcase her submission skills remarkably during her clash with Aleksandra Toncheva (5-5-1) in the strawweight division.

Wozniak capitalized on a grappling exchange in the second round of their encounter, seizing the opportunity to secure a rarely-seen finish. She expertly wrapped her legs around Toncheva’s neck from a reverse position, executing a reverse triangle choke. With her nose bloodied and struggling to breathe, Toncheva had no choice but to submit, granting Wozniak a well-deserved victory.


Nominee #2: Jimmy Flick’s Triumph Over Malcolm Gordon at UFC 297

In a thrilling showdown at UFC 297, Jimmy Flick (16-7 MMA, 1-2 UFC) found himself in a precarious situation but managed to showcase his submission prowess once again, this time against Malcolm Gordon (14-8 MMA, 2-5 UFC).

Facing adversity in hostile territory in Toronto, Flick endured a punishing assault from Canada’s own Gordon. However, he turned the tables with a spectacular triangle choke finish early in the second round of their flyweight clash. Following that, Gordon decided to retire from MMA competition.


Nominee # 3: Jasmine Jasudavicius’ Triumph Over Priscila Cachoeira at UFC 297

Competing on her home turf in Canada, Jasmine Jasudavicius (10-3 MMA, 4-2 UFC) delivered a dominant and overwhelming performance against the overmatched Priscila Cachoeira (12-6 MMA, 4-6 UFC) in the women’s bantamweight division.

Jasudavicius achieved a remarkable feat by landing a record-setting number of strikes on Cachoeira during the about. She capped off her emphatic performance with a late third-round submission victory, utilizing an anaconda choke to secure the win.


Nominee #4: Sam Patterson’s Impressive Win Over Yohan Lainesse at UFC 297

Sam Patterson (11-2-1 MMA, 1-1 UFC) experienced an unconventional UFC debut, but his second opportunity aligned perfectly with his game plan as he swiftly dispatched fellow welterweight Yohan Lainesse (9-3 MMA, 1-3 UFC).

In his debut in the welterweight division, Patterson displayed patience on his feet. He initiated a front headlock on Lainesse before taking the fight to the ground. Once on the mat, Patterson expertly maneuvered to Lainesse’s back and secured a rear-naked choke. Despite Lainesse’s best efforts to resist, he ultimately had to tap, sealing Patterson’s impressive victory.


Nominee #5: Jim Miller Defeated Gabriel Benitez at UFC Fight Night 234

In a high-stakes battle with a UFC 300 spot on the line, Jim Miller (37-17 MMA, 26-16 UFC) needed a strong performance against Gabriel Benitez (23-12 MMA, 7-7 UFC), preferably one that left him relatively unscathed.

The co-main event at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas saw Miller engaged in a fierce contest with fellow lightweight Gabriel Benitez, lasting nearly two and a half rounds. However, Miller showcased his resilience and submission skills by ending the fight spectacularly. At 3:25 of the third round, Miller secured a submission victory, tapping Benitez with a face crank.

From the outset, Miller displayed his offensive prowess with crisp combinations and powerful leg kicks. Benitez’s strikes only fueled Miller’s determination to counter aggressively. Miller also dominated in brief clinch exchanges, landing solid knee strikes to the body.

Round 2 saw Benitez attempting to gain momentum, but Miller responded immediately, leading to intense exchanges. Miller altered the course of the fight by executing a double-leg takedown, taking the battle to the ground. While Miller delivered punishing short elbows, Benitez attempted a slick armbar. Miller managed to escape, scramble, and control Benitez’s back until the round ended.

As they entered the final round, both fighters displayed visible signs of bruising and swelling. The round began with a flurry of heavy punches and kicks traded by both competitors. Miller once again secured a clean takedown and worked his way to Benitez’s back. This time, Miller got his arm fully under Benitez’s neck, compelling the tap. This victory marked Miller’s 12th UFC submission win and set a new record with his 26th triumph inside the octagon. His outstanding performance unquestionably merits the title of Fight Bananas‘ Submission of the Month for January.

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