Jacare Souza should be the UFC Middleweight Champion…

The main event of UFC 234 was supposed to be for the middleweight championship between Robert Whittaker vs Kelvin Gastelum. Both trained 2 full months without an injury and made weight but, the bizarre happened. Being in th fight game, the UFC should know crazy things happen to fighters all the time and big events suffer especially the fans. Robert Whittaker was rushed to the hospital the day of the fight with a hernia and his title fight against Kelvin Gastelum was officially canceled. So, what can they do, how can we fix this problem.

The UFC is a multi billion dollar company and with the new ESPN deal the company is thriving! The suggestion to this ongoing problem of losing main event title fights is this. Have a backup plan. NFL rosters like the Philadelphia Eagles have a backup quarterback like Nick Foles so if anything happens to the starter boom, they don’t miss a beat. The UFC middleweight divison is stacked with past champions, #1 contenders and rising stars would love the opportunity for the title. With the main & co main event fights being middleweights I would have a fighter like #3 contender Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza as your backup plan. The UFC could pay him $75,000 to be ready, have a training camp and to be their on site and on weight for if a situation occurs. Yes, $75,0000 you might think it’s a lot but, for one I want fighters to get as much money as possible it’s a brutal profession and two if a situation comes up $75,000 is nothing to get your mega PPV event back up with a legit championship main event fight. So, in closing I believe the UFC should have a legit contender on call for all main event title fights to be ready to fight for the gold. You might think this idea is bananas, let’s ask Jacare Souza..?

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