Island Fights 52 Robert Neal vs Chris Barnett

In the heavyweight division Chris “Beast Boy” Barnett takes on Robert Neal. Both fighters threw massive leg kicks early in the first round. Robert Neal with a back suplex, yes you read that right Robert pulled out a WWE move for a takedown. A good round one, could have went either way but I have Barnett pulling it out. (Barnett 10-9)

Round 2 both fighters tried spectacular offensive attempts, spinning back kicks, flying knees, spinning elbows, super man punches but nothing landed clean. A fun round to watch, but I have Barnett sneaking out the round. (Barnett 10-9)

Round 3 was a continuation of Round 1 & 2, the heavyweights stayed active and tried to finish the fight by strikes, leg kicks even on the ground. Tough fight to judge once again.. Chris Barnett won by unanimous decision 29-28 by all three judges.

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