In and outside the octagon, with Jon Fitch

Jon Fitch is in rare territory with his success. Very few fighters in MMA history have had the success Fitch has had in multiple organizations. Fitch with an impressive (31-7) record, has found incredible success in the UFC with wins over Deigo Sanchez, Thiago Alves, Ben Saunders, and more. Fich also found success in the WSOF with wins of Jake Shields, Yushin Okami, Denis Hallman, and more. Transitioning to the PFL with a victory over Brian Foster, and now in Bellator, Fitch is off a huge victory over Paul Daley. Fitch now has a title shot against the current Bellator Champion, Rory Macdonald. With quite the resume in MMA, Fitch has now expanded outside of the octagon with his new book, Failing Upward/Death by Ego: Book One. Here is Fitch talking about all of these subject matters in and outside of the cage.

1. You really have seemed to hit your stride at Bellator, what has your experience been like so far fighting with them? 

Jon FitchI have really enjoyed my time with Bellator so far. The atmosphere is great and very professional.

2. What can we expect against your upcoming fight with Rory Macdonald? 

Jon FitchWe are both blood and guts fighters so I’m expecting it to be an ugly scrap that the fans will love.

3. You have excelled at every organization you have competed in, which is very rare to see. What would you credit that towards? 

Jon FitchHard work and stubbornness. I think the fact that I have a cerebral approach to fighting helps to. I see a fight as a problem that I have to find a solution to. Seems to be a successful approach.

4. You are a veteran in the game but have always evolved with the game. How much different is the fight game today then it was from when you made your professional debut? 

Jon FitchA fight is still a fight. However the business has changed. You get attention and notoriety that move the needle and that gets you opportunities. The way you move the needle has changed though. You used to move it by winning fights. Now you move the needle more with antics outside of the fight.

5. You recently have came out with a great book, Failing Upward/Death by Ego: Book One, what has that experience been like from writing it, to selling it, and hearing the reactions of the public?

Jon FitchIt was a long process for me. Took about a year from start to publishing. It was a therapeutic experience for me. Helped me to get in that mindset I had about training back when I started my journals. I was lucky to have someone help me find an editor/typesetter through Upwork. They did the final prep to make the book look like a book. My friend Chadwick St. John did the art.

6. I know once a fighter, always a fighter. But what is the ultimate story book ending for Jon Fitch?

Jon FitchPerfect ending for me is to retire on top. I want to keep writing and doing my live streams. I’m also working with putting content up on patreon. I hope I can build that up enough to eventually transition things into a subscription website. Teach people the FitchSMASH system online and travel to teach it in seminars.

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