History Awaits

Saturday night at UFC 241 history will be made. In the Main Event the UFC Heavyweight Championship will be on the line in a epic rematch. The Champ Daniel Cormier will put his belt on the line again against Stipe Micro. Stipe holds the UFC record for most heavyweight title defenses and is one of the most dominant fighters of all time. If Stipe can reclaim his championship, his legacy will be cemented as the greatest heavyweight in mix martial artist history. If DC can defend his title once again his legacy can be cemented as the greatest mix martial artist of all time with no weight class attached to that statement. DC has been fantastic for a decade in MMA in two weight classes. Daniel Cormier is one of four fighters ever to hold two UFC championships at the same time. There has been rumors If DC retains his title against Stipe he can walk away from MMA in Hollywood ending. Saturday night in Anaheim, California the history of the heavyweight division will be written in permanent black marker, legacy’s will be stamped!

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