Hart thought she needed KO at BKFC’s KnuckleMania

The winner of the main event at Bare Knuckle FC’s “KnuckleMania” Britain Hart was on the Fight Bananas Podcast with host Dave Van Auken. Britain was located in Puerto Rico training with some fellow Bare Knuckle Fighters but was gracious enough to give 20 minutes of her time.

Britain discussed how the last 3 weeks have been an emotional roller coaster for her coming off the highly anticipated main event verse Paige Van Zant. Britain goes into her future plans under the Bare Knuckle FC banner stating “I want to be a future 2 weight class champ”. She definitely expressed how much positive feedback she has been getting from fans across the board and she is so excited to have her new shirt drop anyday, The “I’m a Feeling” T-Shirt.
Britain Hart was incredibly open and honest throughout the full interview. But, maybe the nugget of them all was Britain expressing that she was so upset she didn’t get the Knockout against Paige Van Zant because she 100% believed the judges were going to reward the fight to Paige regardless of the action that took place inside the square circle.
As a host, I rarely have my mouth drop during an interview but, when Britain Hart said she thought the judges were going to rob her, I was absolutely shocked! Britain Hart was victorious at Bare Knuckle’s KnuckleMania in so many ways and here at Fight Bananas we are on pins and needles to see her next move.
Watch Full Podcast https://youtu.be/WSWJstaS7bk

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