Get familiar with the name, Deron Winn

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Get familiar with the name, Deron Winn. Deron recently has signed with UFC and soon the middleweight division will be on notice. The middleweight fighter is fresh off a win over Tom Lawlor on Golden Boy’s inaugural MMA card. But that is not what makes Deron so unique, it’s his mentality and his wrestling ability. The very base of MMA most would consider is wrestling, and that is Deron’s specialty. Training out of AKA, wrestling is a must. Fighters such as Daniel Cormier, Cain Velasquez, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Jon Fitch, all have spectacular wrestling ability to go along side with a great overall skill set. And to top it off, world class coaching under coach Javier Mendes. Here is a behind the scenes look into the mentality of middleweight prodigy, Deron Winn.

1. You are apart of the UFC organization now, what are your expectations going into it, what is your overall goal? 

Deron Winn- My overall expectations going into the UFC is smashing everybody they put in front of me and obtaining the belt sooner than later

2. What is it like training with the beasts at AKA on an everyday basis? 

Deron WinnTraining at AKA is such a blessing. I truly believe it’s the best gym in the world and we have so many upcoming and rising stars that people are going to be shocked when they realize we are just beginning.

3. I see you and Daniel Cormier are involved with the wrestling program, can you expand on that and how you guys are giving back to the community and spreading the knowledge?

Deron WinnDC and I are wrestlers at heart. I think we can both agree that if wedidn’t have wrestling in our lives we both would not even be close to where we are today. With the guidance of amazing role models for many years I’ve managed to become just a small part of the man I strive to be. We coach both high school and youth portions of the program. We are in there day in day out for countless of hours giving back to the sport who gave us everything we had to this date. I absolutely love it.

4. What were your thoughts on Kelvin Gastelum vs. Style Bender announcement and that matchup? 

Deron WinnBoth great competitors. Should be a good fight.

5. What should the fans expect to see from Deron Winn?

Deron WinnI’m going to bring to the ufc something the fans have never seen. Fans will never have seen anything like my explosion, wrestling skills and boxing all put together as one. My entire goal of each fight is if I don’t put you away early I’m going to pressure you until you can’t breath and give up. It will happen. Many times.

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