Georges St. Pierre Retires

Georges St. Pierre retired today from Mix Martial Arts. GSP’s legacy goes down as one of the greatest fighters in the history of the UFC. GSP retired with a 13 fight win streak, retired after winning the middleweight championship against Michael Bisping, retired with his legacy as being hands down the greatest welterweight fighter of all time!

Georges “Rush” St. Pierre started in the UFC in January of 2004 and now 15 years later leaves the sport in a much better place. GSP started before there was Reebok deal, before million dollar pay days, before a Fox TV deal, before a ESPN TV deal. GSP was one of the fighters that the UFC was built on and leaves the sport with no tears or regrets. GSP has beaten some of the biggest names in the sports history names like Matt Hughes, BJ Penn, Jon Fitch, Nick Diaz and all of the welterweights for a decade. GSP leaves the UFC with big pay day fights left on the table such as Khabib Nurmagomedov and the Notorious Conor McGregor. And you know in the fight game never say never, but today February 21st 2019, one of the greatest fighters of all time walks away a Champion!

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