From the Promoters perspective, Mitchell Chamale of Combat Night

There are so many fighting promotions, fighters, coaches, gyms, fans, and more! But what makes something special? How do you become Florida promotion of the year? Here is an in depth look inside a unique and brilliant MMA mind, the promoter of Combat Night, Mitchell Chamale.

1. Combat night is the 2018 promotion of the year. How has Combat Night been so successful?

Mitchell Chamale -Taking care of our fighter’s and keeping them our #1 priority. EVERYONE that works with us on a daily bases behind the scenes is also involved in the sport in other aspects. Some are coaches, some are fighters and some just train…. but it helps a ton to have a team that truly understands the fighters.

2. Why should people tune in and stream or attend these Combat Night events?

Mitchell Chamale- Honestly to support their local athletes… but we also run a fan friendly event. We don’t run multiple intermissions and mess up the flow of an event, we know the fans are there to see fights.

3. As a promoter, what do you look for in a fighter?

Mitchell Chamale- We look for fighters that carry themselves like professionals. I could care less if you are the most talented fighter in the state, if you don’t carry yourself like a professional. Outside of that, I look for the things that usually can’t be taught… heart, able to be coached, natural talent, dedication, etc… these are the fighters that end up making it to the next level and we enjoy watching them grow.

4. What is your most memorable event in Combat Night History?

Mitchell Chamale- You want me to pick 1 out of 102 events? Our most memorable was probably CN 50. The city of Tallahassee kicked us out of our venue on 3 weeks notice.. and luckily the Tallahassee Civic Center had that Saturday open. We ended up putting over 5k people in the building and had an amazing night of fights. For pro shows, it would have to be our first professional event.

5. How can people tune in or buy tickets for future events?


6. What are some events coming up?

Mitchell Chamale- We have a stacked schedule coming up with some cool stuff planned for the MMA community. March 16- Jacksonville, April 7- West Palm Beach, May 4- Orlando, May 11/18- Fort Lauderdale, July 13- Coconut Creek, July 20- Tallahassee
As you can see we like to stay busy.

7. You are a fighter yourself, how did you get into fighting and the promotion business?

Mitchell ChamaleJosh Samman and I were professional fighters but also coached amateurs that fought around the state.  We were cornering Ralph Valdez for Rise of a Warrior and on the way home the conversation got brought up about doing something like they did. At the time in Florida, amateur mma had just become legal and most of the shows were pretty shitty. Rise was a professional set up for the amateurs… we pulled out a ripped piece of an envelope and started our business plan… 3 months later we held Combat Night 1 in tallahassee.

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