Fights to Make After Bare Knuckle FC 19

Pearl Gonzalez vs Rachel Ostovich

Pearl Gonzalez and Rachel Ostovich both won there debut fights with Bare Knuckle FC. The winner could become one of the biggest stars in company!


Taylor Starling vs Britain Hart

From Knuckle Mania to now, both Taylor Starling and Britain Hart are the only 2 females to have 2 wins under the Bare Knuckle banner! This is the fight to make for the flyweight female championship!


Arnold Adams vs Joey Beltran

Arnold Adams was the first ever Bare Knuckle FC Heavyweight Champion and would be a humongous challenge to the champ Joey Beltran.


Geane Herrera vs Winner of Bedford & Barnett Jr.

Former UFCer Geane Herrera had a standout performance at Bare Knuckle FC 19 and catapulted himself into a title shot!

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