Fedor vs Bader Bellator Heavyweight Championship

By: Jon Radford

Bellator Heavyweight Grand Prix Finals:  The Emperor vs Darth Bader

Tomorrow night inside the Bellator cage Fedor Emelianenko faces off against Bellator light heavy weight champion Ryan Bader for the Grand Prix Heavy weight tournament title and to be crowned the promotions heavyweight champion. This was probably the best outcome for this year long tournament. Both fighters are original participants so no alternates were needed to fill a void. Fedor is known around the world and is widely regarded as the one of the best to ever do it. Bader on the other hand has been on the cusp of real superstardom for years with the UFC. Now with Bellator,becoming the light heavy weight champion and reaching the finals in this Grand Prix style tournament which pits him against The Emperor. He could really propel himself to the next level and become the true face of Bellator. He would have two division belts and be the champion of the heavy weight tournament and to top it off he beats a living legend that has proven he can still throw down with some of the best in the world.

Bellator has been trying to put on as many big fights as they can in past few years trying to keep up with their competitor the UFC.  They have been gaining some ground and landing former fighters from the UFC with bigger paydays and more chances for sponsorships, which can be worn in the Bellator cage. This has brought over many stars, some aging and some still with plenty left in the tank. Ryan Bader is one of the top talents acquired during this time. 

He was a top five light heavy weight in the UFC but just couldn’t seem to get to that title shot he was looking for. However he has fought all of the best light heavy weights in the world and proven win or lose that he belongs in there with the best. He now has a great opportunity to become the face of this organization and really solidify all of his hard work as fighter, if he walks out of the cage on Saturday night as the victor.

​Fedor on the other hand is just adding to his already great legacy. He has fought all around the world and for many organizations. He is considered by many the greatest heavy weight of all time. He has proven time and time again that he still has some left in the tank and he can still throw down with top competition. There is no doubt that Emelianenko is at the twilight of his career and this fight is more of a topping on an already giant sized ice-cream sundae of a career. But no matter what you think about Fedor age or this main event understand one thing. The Emperor always comes to fight and comes to finish his opponents. This will be a fight and it will be entertaining. So if your free this Saturday night, and you want to see some big guys rollin and throwin hands this fight should be right up your alley!

The full fight card along with main event can be viewed on the Paramount Network tomorrow night at 9pm/est.

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