Does the Reem have one more title run in him?

UFC fight night in Saint Petersburg , Russia took place over this past weekend. It featured one of combat sports biggest and longest lasting names there is, Alistair Overeem! The Reem has amassed a record of 45-17-0 in 62 fights. He has finished 40 of 45 wins , with 23 KO/TKO’s and 17 submissions.  So its easy to say that he has handled his business through out his career in spectacular fashion.  He does have 17 losses 14 of which have come by way of stoppage due to strikes or submissions, but that is to be expected to certain extent when you have been in the game as long as him and fight exciting crowd pleasing style.  Alistair has fought all around in many organizations and won many great titles along the way. I remember first watching him fight on the Dream Promotion fight cards that would air at 3 a.m. or 4 a.m. in the states on ESPN back in the day. He has always been exciting to watch.

With all the accolades, belts and Grand Prix championships that Overeem has one , which speak volumes for his place in history, one title still eludes him. The UFC Heavyweight Championship, aka the baddest man on the planet. When he first joined the UFC roster he stated that he was gonna reach the pinnacle of the division and be crowned king before he retired or left the UFC.  Reem had a up and down beginning at first in the UFC, winning 2 of 5 to start. Then he went on a 4 fight win streak with 3 KO’s of top contenders and former title holders.  This got him his first and only shot at UFC gold so far, when he faced Stipe Miocic who was the champion at the time.  The fight didn’t end by Overeem getting TKO’ed in the first round.

Since the he has gone on another up and down streak winning 2, losing 2 and then winning 2 again. The two losses are the key factors of answering the question as to if Overeem has enough left to reach the top and capture the UFC gold.  His two losses are important because of who he lost to and their youthful relevance in the game right now.  He lost KO artist Francis Ngannou by knockout and the to powerhouse wrestler Curtis Blaydes by TKO in the 3rd.  These two men are young and at or on the way up to the top of there games. The haven’t taken nearly the damage of a long glorious career like Overeem. So with that being said.  Can Alistair overcome the talented youthfulness of the heavyweight division.  If he can he will need to hone it in quick and make that run now.  If he can put together a streak that gets him to the title and win it during this time when the heavyweight division is young, vibrant and filled with explosive challengers, it would really be a spectacular feat. His TKO win this past weekend makes that 2 stoppage victories in a row. He wants Alexander Volkov next which would be a great win for him, especially with another finish.  It seems to be that Alistair as some fuel in the tank still and some time left in the hour glass to try and make a final run to that legendary UFC gold.  No matter what happens he will go down as one of the all time greats.

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