Din Thomas =‘s Respect

Din Thomas a trailblazer in the sport of mix martial arts has been fighting, training, teaching, talking, loving and commenting on it for over 20 years. Din Thomas is a commentator for Island Fights which you can watch on UFC Fight Pass. Thursday night at Island Fights 60, Din Thomas stepped in the ring  to interview the winning fighter of the first bout, Bryant Panezo. Bryant in the moment of the his career came off disrespectful to Din, via taking the microphone & asked what Din Thomas’s name like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. It was very uncomfortable to watch live in person but, I admired how Din Thomas handled the situation. Din Thomas put out a statement via a Instagram Post, that he forgives Bryant Panezo but if he ever needs a reminder on who Din Thomas is, we can find an open mat! Din Thomas can be seen teaching some of the best talent in the world at American Top Team Coconut Creek, Dana White’s Looking for a Fight, Island Fights commentating booth and so much more!

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