Din Thomas building up the Firm

Din Thomas, little over a month ago made a bold decision and left American Top Team to start his MMA Manifesto.

Din Thomas is a pioneer in the sport of mixed martial arts and has been passing his knowledge for over 20 years. Din Thomas was on the Fight Bananas Podcast over a month ago and joked about having his “Jerry Maguire” moment. When Din left American Top Team multiple fighters left to follow Din’s tutelage and guidance.

However in Din Thomas’s new adventure multiple additions have joined the team. One, is UFC Fighter Hannah Goldy. Hannah has a 5-1 professional record and is just now entering her prime. Hannah Goldy joins a stacked room of hard workers, grinders and fighters that are ready to make that necessary jump in 2020. Ironically Hannah’s first professional fight was against newly minted teammate Gillian “The Savage” Robertson under the Island Fights banner which Din last year joined as a commentator.

Over the last week videos & pictures of been surfacing through social media. Din is beyond excited about what the future holds for him and his team, “I am just trying to reinvent myself and build relationships with fighters that I can help develop and maximize their potential.” We will be sitting down with multiple members of Din Thomas’s new team, Stay Tuned.

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