DC vs Stipe 2??

Daniel Cormier became the UFC Heavyweight Champion by defeating Stipe Miocic at UFC 226 last July. That night DC became a Champ Champ and Stipe lost his heavyweight title defense streak. So, seven months later, are we going to see a rematch?

Today on Twitter Stipe and Daniel went back and forth talking trash to the other heavyweight. Stipe wants a rematch and he wants it now! DC has already defended the heavyweight title against Derek Lewis and seems satisfied to wait and fight Brock Leanar when he clears the USADA testing pool. Daniel pointed out to Stipe Miocic through twitter that he has fought since he has TKO’d him and Stipe has been sitting on the shelf waiting for a rematch that may never happen. On Stipe’s behalf he was a dominant champion and has always been a company man. But, in 2019 and beyond we are in the age of the Super Fight and the UFC would love to see Lesnar vs Cormier! With the war of words today, I am excited to see what the future holds for these heavyweight mega stars, the one thing I know is, it will be Bananas!

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