Davies: Taylor has already lost Glasgow


Ohara Davies believes Josh Taylor’s antics at Tuesday’s press conference have alienated Scottish fans ahead of their super-lightweight clash in Glasgow on July 3.

World-ranked Davies (15-0, 12 KOs) and Commonwealth champion Taylor (9-0, 8 KOs) put their unbeaten records on the line at the Braehead Arena and most expected the pre-fight media days to heighten Taylor’s home support.

The opening press conference in Glasgow tells a different tale according to London’s Davies, who spoke of his opponent in respectful terms before Taylor followed several expletive-laden outbursts by attempting to forcibly remove his visitor’s sunglasses.

Davies told ESPN: “I think that I’m going to have more fans there than Taylor’s going to have. I think more people like me — especially after what happened yesterday at the press conference. He was swearing, he put his hands on my sunglasses and it all made it seem like he wasn’t in control of himself.

“He seemed a bit ragged and we’ve never seen him get emotionally involved like that before his previous fights. He’s always gone in, done the business and got out but for this fight there seems to be something different in his persona. I think it’ll lose him a lot of fans.

“A lot of people are looking at Taylor like he’s a fool and like he really shouldn’t have done that. From what I’ve seen from the public so far, it looks like I’ll be having more fans than him in his own hometown.

“I wasn’t even close to losing my cool. I know how to handle myself in situations like this. I’ve been in professional boxing longer than him and I’ve been in bigger fights than he has. I’ve had confrontation and this is his first time. It’s not new to me.”

It’s not just Taylor who Davies believes has been adversely affected by his cool exterior — ‘Two Tanks’ revealed the Scot’s trainer Shane McGuigan confronted him later on in the day.

Davies told ESPN: “Me not getting angry got under his skin and it got under his coach’s skin. I saw Shane McGuigan at the airport later in the day and he was asking why I wasn’t hyping up the fight and telling me how big the show was. I refused and told him this isn’t a game, it’s life.

“He was practically begging me to hype up the show more.

“I don’t feel like I need to talk up the fight anymore. At the moment, I’m a big enough name and the fact that we’re both undefeated sells this show. I don’t believe any talking is really necessary for a fight like this.

“It’s also where I’m at in life. Some fights, I’m arrogant and cocky and hype up the fight, some fights I might not like my opponent but for this one, I’ve been in a calm mindset and I’ve been beating all my Personal Bests in sprinting and training.

“All my focus is on my camp so I haven’t really got energy to waste on worrying about how I’m behaving at a press conference.”

If there was a glimmer of belligerence from Davies, it came at the mention of the bookmakers making him a slight underdog.

He told ESPN: “Bookmakers don’t know what I’m capable of. I know what I’m capable of and I know I’m more than capable of going in there and knocking him out early. That’s what the bookmakers don’t know. Being the underdog doesn’t matter — numbers don’t dictate how this fight is going to go.”


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